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Interested in applying for the $15,000 digital adoption plan federal grant? Trying to find the best use of this budget? Excellent consideration. To find the answer, it’s important to know why this grant exists.

Investing in digital technology for your business allows you to:

  • Run your businesses more effectively
  • Know more about your customers
  • Know how to market your product efficiently
  • Compete better in a technology-empowered market
  • Keep staff workflows smooth
  • Improve productivity
  • Build and track successful growth plans
  • Improve accounting methods
  • Keep better records and archives of important information
  • Ensure cybersecurity
  • Open up new markets online, locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Become more resilient to market changes

Most businesses probably have an idea where they would invest in digital upgrades, if they could.

Because there is so much evidence now that digital upgrades improve business, the government of Canada is now encouraging Canadian businesses to follow a path to upgrade and adopt new business technology. This is the path they encourage through the Boost Your Business Technology grant program:

⇢ Find the biggest needs for digital improvement in their business
⇢ Build an expert-supported plan to launch needed technology
⇢ Receive funding to significantly off-set the cost of this plan for investment

Now  that you understand why the grant exists, it’s time to get inspired. Let’s look at the top technologies that our advisors are building into their digital adoption plans, today.


The BIG 10 technology adoptions

The best way to use the Boost Your Business Tech plan will look different for every business. But to help you envision how this plan may help your business, we have put together 10 areas of business investments that can help inspire your investment in digital technology adoption planning.

10. Analytics

9. eCommerce

8. Cloud-Based document management

7. Email campaign & database management

6. UX testing

5. Inventory management software

4. Cart abandonment tracking & improvement

3. Live chat features & online customer support (considering AI chatbots)

2. Comprehensive digital marketing enhancement

1. Client Relationship Management (CRM) development

One great thing about the Boost Your Business Technology grant is that it is enough budget to build a detailed plan. This ensures a better uptime and chance of internal support, compared to digital adoption efforts with little or no implementation plan.

In fact, our digital advisors are able to build a detailed plan that could cover ALL of these top 10 digital technology adoptions mentioned here. We can leverage your $15,000 grant limit efficiently to deliver an ambitious and achievable plan.

Are you interested in learning why these are the most in-demand technologies to improve business productivity? Or are you ready to get started on your grant application? Please contact us below or Live Chat with a CDAP Approved digital advisor today.

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