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What can a digital advisor do for me?

How CDAP-approved Boost Your Business Technology Grant
digital advisors help your business in Canada.

We are CDAP Approved

Build an Eligible Plan

Work with us to meet the approved digital advisor grant requirement.

Leverage Digital Experience

Access a knowledge base of advisors who have launched 100’s of digital adoption plans.

Go Forward with New Tech

Have a solid roadmap for digital adoption success.

Investment Success

Improve your chance of technology investment leading to growth, workflow improvement, and team endorsement.

Get $15k Grant + $100k Loan + Youth Wage Subsidy

How Digital Advisors Help

A digital advisor for the Boost Your Business Technology grant, through the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), must go through an approval process, by governmental CDAP administrators.

That means, that government representatives have verified that each digital advisor has a significant amount of experience relevant to the digital adoptions related to this funding program. They have had past references confirm the digital advisor has a history of creating successful digital adoption plans.

Any of the approved digital advisors have shown proof of their ability to review your digital needs assessment, along with your unique business goals and identify what technology you should adopt in order to succeed.

Each advisor has also confirmed they will be NEUTRAL with regards to what technologies they recommend. For example, they cannot have an affiliation with a software vendor in which they receive a sales commission, and simply recommend this software to you, so they get their commission. This is not allowed as part of the grant process. This means—the program is set up to give you a fair, honest, and accurate idea of the best technology adoption for your needs. 

Years Established

Completed Projects

The First Role of CDAP Digital Advisors

The first critical area a digital advisor can help you on is building your digital adoption plan. Once you apply for the Boost Your Business Technology grant and have successfully received your digital needs assessment report, you can go to the Digital Advisor Marketplace on the CDAP website.

Or, you can contact a known CDAP-approved digital advisor directly. Then you sign a consultation service agreement, a payment arrangement and engage their consultation services to build your plan. The digital advisor will know what is needed by CDAP in order to have your grant approved.

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What happens after we have our plan?

Once the plan is complete, you submit it to CDAP and can receive up to a $15,000 grant to cover the cost of the digital advisor’s consultation services (up to 90% of the costs can be covered by this grant). 

Ready to apply? Contact Us through our email form below. We’ll help guide you through the next steps of your application. ⬇⬇⬇ 


Here are some of the digital technology enhancements this adoption plan can help you prepare for:

eCommerce | Online Billing | Customer Technical Support

Improving the online customer experience is a big part of our role. We show you what technologies can help you streamline your clients ability to find you, buy from you, and stay loyal to your products and services.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) | Email Drip Campaign Management | Online Customer Loyalty Programming

Ready to take your Facebook or Google ad plans to the next level? Want to know how to automate client communications to save time, while keeping your business top-of-mind for customers? Want to know how to build-in incentives to keep people coming back to you, creating a barrier to competitors? These technologies ensure strong client retention and repeat sales.

Automated Web Tracking | Managing Analytics Insights

Digital technologies allow us to track valuable data about your website and social media users. Learn how your data can help you prevent loss of online sales, such as online shopping cart abandonment (people who start shopping on your online store, but don’t proceed to buy anything). You can also gain better insights about who your best clients are and what demographics they are in, so you can make advertising investment more cost-effective and fast-acting.

Cloud-based Accounting Software | Digital Document Signing

Leverage the accessibility, convenience, and security of modern cloud computing. Manage complex accounting processes from your mobile phone. Enable clients to sign contracts, disclaimers or project terms quickly & conveniently through remote digital legal document signing.

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What are the top 10 technologies to consider for your Digital Adoption Plan?