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The CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy provides subsidies for digital work for businesses, and entry-level jobs for post-secondary grads seeking work in Canada.

The CDAP Boost Your Business Technology program comes included with a youth wage subsidy, for eligible businesses. 

What’s the benefit of a youth wage subsidy? 

Well, there are two primary benefits: jobs for youth with digital skills to find entry-level work, and cheaper labour for companies tackling the big job of digital adoption. 

Buying new equipment, investing in new digital tech, and hiring staff to facilitate digital upgrades, are all huge investments for any business – and especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

The CDAP program and youth wage subsidies were created to give SMEs a boost in all the areas they need it. 

In this article we’re going to fill you in on all the benefits of the youth wage subsidy, and why it’s a great opportunity for your business. 

Read on to learn: 

  1. The benefits of the youth wage subsidy
  2. The details on the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy 
  3. How the subsidy helps Canadian SMEs 
  4. How to start your digital transformation 

The benefits of the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy

The cost of digital development is always changing, evolving around the latest tech equipment, the newest trends in digital tools, and what the market looks like. 

When SMEs make the decision to go digital, they know in advance that it’s going to cost them, and that the benefits usually outweigh those costs – eventually.

The trouble is, SMEs need to not only buy the tech and digital tools to get up to speed in the digital landscape, but hire staff that are tech savvy enough to roll out the new equipment and software for the company. 

Hiring new staff is a costly necessity for all businesses. SMEs who are barely making ends meet have a few more reasons to dread the costs associated with: 

  • Recruitment 
  • Application processes 
  • Interviews and paperwork 
  • Onboarding and training 
  • Retention costs (benefits, financial bonuses, etc) 

How are SMEs supposed to keep up with the cost of digital adoption and the up-front and long-term costs associated with adding new staff to an existing team? 

The good news is: there’s a great opportunity for Canadian SMEs who qualify for the Boost Your Business Technology grant – and the subsequent $25,000 to $100,000 interest-free loan and youth wage subsidies that come with it.

The details on the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy

The CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy provides up to $7300 which are provided to businesses in reimbursement payments upon proof of wages being paid to the youth. 

In other words: once your placed employee is paid, then you get paid. Pretty straight-forward. 

The program provides eligible businesses with: 

  • Placement of a digitally skilled recent post-secondary graduate 
  • Reimbursement to businesses following confirmation of wage payment to youth workers

Let’s back up a little further and discuss terms. Who is the program talking about when it describes a youth?

What does the CDAP program mean by “youth”?

The CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy applies the term “youth” to anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 years old – as long as they graduated from a post-secondary institution within the last 24 months

If you know of a post-secondary student or young alumni who might be interested in and qualified for this program, you can direct them to this portal to submit  their application.

It’s a great opportunity for youths just getting started after college or university to access subsidy-supported work. 

Can all Canadian businesses access the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy?

Only Canadian SMEs who qualify for the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology program are eligible to receive these particular youth wage subsidies. 

SMEs who apply for the youth wage subsidy will be awarded a youth placement when they can provide a valuable learning experience for the post-secondary graduate. 

Eligible businesses will be provided with a list of qualified post-secondary graduates with the skills required, and will be able to interview desired candidates. 

Once placed, the youth will apply their digital knowledge and skills to support the business through their digital transformation.

Learn more about the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy by looking at the program guide on the Canadian Government website (see section 5 specifically). 

What are the rules around the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy?

The key limitation to the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy program is that this subsidy cannot be stacked with other government funding

SME’s cannot combine any municipal, provincial, territorial or federal funding received for the same student placement. 

The CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy sets a wage that must be paid to the youth placed at your business. 

SMEs are not required to pay more than the subsidy-supported wages determined by the program. However – SMEs have the option to supplement the youth wage subsidy payments. 

How does a youth subsidy help Canadian SMEs? 

In our experience, we’ve found that the biggest barrier for most Canadian business owners trying to make a digital transformation is the learning curve. 

You need to research what the latest tech trends are, and then narrow down the lists of available software and equipment to select the best tools for your business. 

Then you also need to learn how to install and use the latest tech, and make sure you’re using it all correctly so that your business is successful in the digital landscape.

That’s a full time job in itself!

Now add all that to keeping up with production, managing customer relations, keeping track of your human resource responsibilities, and targeting new markets and audiences so that your product or service can continue to grow. 

Anyone would need help managing all of that. Which is why the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy was developed as a way to connect seasoned business owners with digitally skilled workers looking for jobs following post-secondary education.

With the CDAP Youth Wage Subsidy program, you can connect with youth who are trained in digital development, and have the talent needed to help businesses get through a digital transformation. 

Youths who have received a post-secondary education to enhance their digital skills will be:

  • Tech savvy so that they can help set up new equipment and navigate new software
  • Able to troubleshoot some problems for existing staff during the digital adoption 
  • Are entry-level workers who are able to complete tasks that your other staff may not have time for 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in exploring, then the next steps are simple. You just need to start your digital transformation process. 

Get started with your digital transformation

So what are the next steps to get you started with your digital transformation? It’s pretty simple!

  • Find out if you qualify
    • In order to received the Youth Wage Subsidy, your business must first qualify for the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology grant of up to $15,000
  • Connect with a CDAP-approved digital advisor
    • Your business must work with a CDAP-approved digital advisor in order to qualify for this program’s funding. Once you’re sure you qualify, you can connect with an agent in a few different ways (see below).
  • Begin your digital adoption plan
    • With the CDAP grant of up to $15,000, your business can purchase a customised digital adoption plan that is tailored to your business. This plan will provide you with a road map for digital success as you begin the digital adoption process.
  • Submit your plan to unlock a 0% interest loan and subsidies
    • Once your digital adoption plan is complete, you can submit it to access the interest-free loan of up to $100,000, as well as the Youth Wage Subsidy to begin searching for a skilled worker. 

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