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Busy SME owners no longer lose out on funding — delegates now allowed to apply on SMEs behalf

As of May 31, 2023, directors or owners of SMEs in Canada can designate a trusted delegate to apply to the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology program on their behalf. 

Until now, many SMEs – whose owners are working around the clock on important tasks to keep the business running – worried about missing out on funding opportunities. 

Now, however, the application process can be delegated to a trusted staff or support agency (as long as they are authorized by the SME). 

Read on to learn about: 

  1. How the changes impact the CDAP process 
  2. Who these CDAP changes impact 
  3. How to get started with the CDAP program 

How do these changes impact the CDAP application process? 

No changes to the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology application process have been made – the only change is the addition of allowing designated colleagues complete the application process on behalf of a busy SME owner or director. 

Often in our practice, colleagues of SME owners, or agencies working with SMEs, have reached out to our Digital Advisors asking if they can begin the application process on behalf of the SME. 

In the past, our Advisors have had to ask for the owner or director to reach out personally to book a time to register for the program. 

As you can imagine (perhaps through personal experience if you are an SME owner yourself), many owners simply don’t have the time to sit down and go through an application process, even if they could really use the funding. 

Now, thanks to these changes, a designate will be enabled to support SMEs by applying on their behalf so that busy SMEs don’t have to lose out on funding. 

In order to apply for the Boost Your Business Technology grant, the SME owner or delegate simply needs to check that they meet the qualifications for the grant, and then reach out to a CDAP Approved Digital Advisor to get the process started online, beginning with a virtual meeting with your Advisor. 

Note: Digital Advisors are not authorised delegates and cannot complete the application process on behalf of SMEs. 

Who does the CDAP application change impact?

Only new applicants for the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology program will be impacted by the changes. 

SMEs who have already applied for funding don’t have to worry about authorizing a designate moving forward. 

This change is a benefit for SMEs who are looking for funding following May 31, 2023, who can now assign a trusted support to help them with the sometimes tedious process of applying for the CDAP program. 

These changes are also a great benefit to “the middlemen” of the situation. Trusted advisors, colleagues or agencies will now be able to support SMEs to access funding by taking on the role of applicant on behalf of the business. 

This will likely help many busy owners and directors of SMEs to reduce their own personal workloads and still access a great funding opportunity! 

How do you authorize a CDAP delegate?

Here’s what we know, based on the Government of Canada’s website: 

  • Delegates must seek authorization from the director (or owner) of the business by starting the CDAP program application process.
  • During the application process, delegates can select that they are not a director or owner of the business, and then enter the director’s first name, last name, and email address as prompted.
  • As of June 27, 2023, an applicant can verify their identity online by using one of four options:
    • Their personal banking login (recommended)
    • Using the Interac Document Verification Service
    • Requesting an identity verification appointment with a CDAP officer (which may delay the process somewhat depending on availability) 
    • In person visit to a Canada Post outlet near them

Once you’ve completed the verification process, you’re good to go in terms of completing the application process in your new role as an authorized delegate! 

How to get started with the CDAP program

If you’re new to exploring the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology grant, you may be wondering what it takes to qualify for funding

You may also be wondering about the role of a Digital Advisor if they can’t apply for the CDAP program on your behalf. 

A Digital Advisor is there to help you or your delegate apply for funding – and to answer any questions you may have about the process along the way. 

Your Digital Advisor can help you build your road map toward digital adoption success with a digital adoption plan unique to your business goals and needs. 

Some of our clients don’t meet the requirements for the grant right away, but there are still some options for you if you fall into this category. 

Go forth and explore your options, but in the meantime just know you can reach us by: 

  • Browsing our website to learn more about the Boost Your Business Technology program
  • Start a LiveChat (bottom right corner of the page) with a CDAP agent if you have specific questions
  • Or, if you already know you meet ALL the qualifications for the program and are ready to get started, book an appointment with a Digital start the application process and get a live demo of a digital adoption plan

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Still have questions about becoming a delegate? You can directly email the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology with specific questions about these changes.