A Canadian cost guide for digital development and tech upgrades. 

The way Canadians do business has changed over the years to become largely digital – which means Canadian businesses need to develop their digital capabilities to stay competitive. 

Digital development is always worthwhile – but it can be pricey, too. Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t know where to start when planning a budget for digital development. 

For businesses seeking to enhance their eCommerce through digital development this year, let this article be your guide to budget planning.

By the end of this article you’ll know: 

  1. Digital development projects SMEs should focus on
  2. The average cost for digital development in Canada
  3. Where do I find someone who offers digital development services?
  4. Grants for small and medium sized Canadian businesses

Digital development projects SMEs should focus on

Digital development involves a wide range of projects. In our experience, our clients are particularly interested in hiring professional help with the following online marketing supports: 

Details at the bottom of this article!

The average cost for digital development in Canada

To help you form a ballpark idea of what your digital upgrade budget should look like, we’ve curated this list of the average costs for common digital development projects.

Digital ProjectAverage Cost per ProjectPossible Cost Variables
Website Development or Revamp$5,000 – $75,000 / projectVolume of content (ie. multiple product pages, many services offered, etc). 
Whether web copy already exists to be refreshed, or needs to be created from scratch.
Digital Video Production $1200 – $50,000 / project Whether the cost is determined per day, per hour, or per project. 
Length of the finished video & how many edits are requested. 
Digital Marketing & Advertising Setup$3500 – $10,000 / projectThe scope of the project and the length of the contract. 
Digital Branding / eCommerce Enhancement$1500 – $10,000 / monthAre you purchasing a logo design and brand development or boosting a pre-existing brand? 
Social Media Support $4000 – $7000 / monthContract length and inclusions (ie. paid advertisements / organic social media, frequency of posts, etc).
ERP setup & support$1500 – $2500 / user The number of users being added & the volume of data being consolidated. 
The larger the business, the higher the cost. 
CRM software setup$5000 – $20,000Which CRM software you purchase (usually monthly payments between $14-$100.00/month).

Where do I find someone who offers digital development services?

Good news: you’re in the right place if you’re ready to hire a team of experts to help you enhance your digital processes. 

New Motto offers help with all of the above digital upgrades, and more.

Digital adoption can be stressful. Workflows are impacted, employee stress increases, and managers need to learn new software to be able to guide their team through the transition period.

New Motto has a team ready to do the hard work of digital adoption so that you don’t have to. 

Trust our ever-improving process efficiency and best-in-class approaches to help bring your business’s digital capabilities where you need them to be. 

Book a free 30-minute Zoom session with our CDAP-Approved Digital Advisor to help you identify your target areas of digital growth.

Book your appointment straight into our calendar or start a LiveChat on our website (you’ll find the Chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the screen). 

Grants for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada

Hey, while you’re here – have you heard about the CDAP Boost Your Business Technology grant? This is a $15,000 grant funded by the Government of Canada to develop a plan to digitalize your eCommerce and internal business processes. 

Read this to find out if you qualify – or head to our main website to start a LiveChat with one of our friendly agents to get more information!

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